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About The Thai Bankers' Association

Date back to the late 1958, when a group of leading bankers representing domestically incorporated banks held a series of meetings to discuss the formation of an association. They formally founded the Thai Bankers' Association in September 1958. 

The Association's main objective focuses on supporting Thai Bank and her members with operation procedure which enhances banks business and investments. It has also been cooperating with the Thai Government to build the strong economy and future growth.

Future of the Thai Bankers' Association

To encourage the steady growth and development of Thai economic and financial systems and to enhance the people’s quality of life.

3 'Co-Operating' to build better banking sector in region


  1. Co-operating with Member Banks
    Create inter-relation and business development among themselves to share the economy outlook

  2. Co-operating with Government Agencies 
    Cooperate and enhance new banking services business development 

  3. Co-operating with Private Sectors 
    Support economic outlook, investment, and exchange business ideas.

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