Financial Connectivity in the Digital World

October 4-10, 2019



Program Highlights

The impact of rapid transformation of technology is powerful and far reaching. Advancement in information technology has given rise to various data technologies and network platforms, changing our lives and leading to greater connectivity between countries, and break down the barriers of international trades, supply-chains, and capital flows. These digital transformations, at the same time, bring new forms of risks for businesses and pose challenges for policymakers. Business will face greater risks from cyber threat as well as from increased competition and disrupted businesses model. These changes in business landscape will also have considerable impacts on central banks’ policies and operations.

The program aims at providing participants a platform to exchange views and learn from each others’ experiences as well as from experts in related fields, and build long-term relationships among top executives in the CLMVT region. The program has been designed to equip participants with up-to-date technical knowledge and leadership skills.


  • Understanding roles of stakeholders in the financial system in promoting financial innovations, discovering financial service providers’ business strategies and practices amid technology transformation, and recommending on how to promote seamless connectivity in the CLMVT financial sector.


  • Realizing new types of risks associated with digital transformation and their impacts on business landscape, the effective response to those risks from experts in the field, and how to use big data to enhance businesses and policymakers’ operations.


  • Exploring financial technology utilization to overcome barriers of SMEs financing as well as to promote financial literacy, to ensure a sustainable well-being of CLMVT.


  • Learning real successful use cases from leading employers in the region to strengthen leadership skills, which are essential for future leaders.


CLMVT Bankers’ Leadership Program 2019 “Financial Connectivity in the Digital World”

4 – 10 October 2019

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